Stolorz Józef


oil alkaid canvas, 55x61

olej, alkaid na płótnie, 55x61 cm

JOSEF STOLORZ was born on October 31, 1950 in Katowice. His date of birth, the fact that his grandfather was a miner, and he was growing up in the cultural tradition of upper Silesia had a symbolic meaning and influenced his art work.
In 1969 he graduated from Panstwowe Liceum Sztuk Plastycznych in Katowice. In his high school years he become a part of Silesian Blues Band (he worked with Irek Dudek - polish Bluesman and Blues promoter, bass guitar player at that time) and Julian Gembalski with whom he created church music know as "The Big Beat Masses" in the Katowice Cathedral Church. These friendships influenced him to create his paintings while listening to the music that inspired him and to be accompanies by that music when presented at art exhibitions.
After graduation he studied Art Conservation at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Torun and the History of Art at the Catholic University of Lublin. In the 1980's he started individual studies on paint techniques of the past great painters and established the "Copy of Old Painting" Atelier, working at the same time on mastering his own painting techniques. He presented his art work on prestigious national exhibitions, awarded at Bielska Jesień in BWA – Bielsko Biała and Spychalski Contest in BWA – Poznań.
In 1991, for the achievements, he became a member of ZPAP, the association of professional Polish artists. In 2013 he was invited by Otto Rapp to join an exclusive group of world visionary art painters at Visionary Art Gallery in Vienna. He has near 80 individual exhibitions (including at Art Expo in New York in 2009 r. and in Embassy of Republic of Poland in Washington D.C.) and participated in 160 group exhibitions.
His art work is described as "visionary and esoteric" with elements of romanticism and symbolism. He is often called as a "Master of Light".