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Vardikyan Tigran

"Revoj ne mortas"

oil on canvas, 100x120

olej na płótnie, 120x100 cm

TIGRAN VARDIKYAN is an artist from Armenia, where he received his higher education in art (Yerevan). He emigrated at the beginning of the 90s and enchanted by Poland he decided to live and create here. His interests, apart from painting, include satirical drawing, book and press illustration. He has cooperated with animation film studios in Bielsko in creating and animating cartoon characters. For many years, he cooperated with the press, gaining fame as an excellent caricaturist and author of satirical drawings. In his artistic output one can also find graphics, drawing and many other related techniques.

After years of experimenting with matter, he devoted himself entirely to oil painting, creating works of fantastic and surrealist themes. In his technique, he refers to the old masters, among whom he mentions Leonardo da Vinci, Velázquez and Rembrandt as models.

He has had over 30 solo exhibitions in Poland and abroad. His works can be found, among others, in the collection of the Vatican and the collection of the President of Poland B. Komorowski.

Tigran is an extraordinary artist, modest and unaware of his power. He moves in the world of magical visions and figures, as if they were reality, even everyday reality. His sensitivity allows him to see what is hidden to others, to feel more strongly and to cross the boundaries of "normality". However, by transferring his dreamy visions Into canvases, he becomes a perfect strategist, a workaholic addicted to his earthly paradise - his studio.