Kołpanowicz Marcin

Dance of the seasons tetraptych

pastel, 64x196

tetraptyk, pastel, 64x196 cm

MARCIN KOŁPANOWICZ born in 1963 in Krakow. Graduated in the Academy of Fine Arts (Painting Faculty) in Krakow in 1987. The artist uses oil and pastel technique. His pictures merge unlimited imagination, metaphorical poetry and philosophical messages. His works are in private collections in Poland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, France, USA and Australia. His pictures were featured in Polish TV series film "Settlement" (directed by Janusz Majewski) and were reproduced on numerous book and CD covers. He organized 30 one-man-shows (among others in Paris, New York, Cologne, Wuppertal, Linz, Krakow, Warsaw). He created numerous religious pictures, such as the "Way of the Cross" in Tenczynek (Poland), the beatification picture of Sister Marta Wiecka, Lvov (Ukraine), and the altar picture and fresco in John Paul 2 Center in Krakow.