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Kolatorowicz Jacek

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oil on panel, 48x38

olej na płycie, 48x38 cm

JACEK KOLATOROWICZ is a member of the Association of Polish Painters and Graphic District in Warsaw. Born in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski. He deals with oil painting, sculpture, interior design. Individual and collective exhibitions. Paintings in private collections in Poland and abroad.
Individual exhibitions:
2000 - Herbaciarnia Gallery - Ostrowiec Sw.
2003 - Municipal Cultural Centre - Ostrowiec Św.
2003 - House of Creative Communities – Kielce
Interview and presentation of works
TVP-3 Kraków, Krzysztof Haich Krzysztof Haich "Regiony Kultury" - MCK Ostrowiec Św.
Group exhibitions, among others:
2004 - BWA VII Autumn Art Salon - Ostrowiec Św.
2006 - BWA Ostrowiec Św. – ‘’Młodym Okiem”
2013 – “Zgodni z naturą”- Centre for Education and Conference “Natura et Ars”
Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Powsin, Warsaw
2015 Ostrowiec Art Environment on the 20th anniversary of the BWA Gallery in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski.