Paulska Graszka

no title

oil on canvas, diameter 30cm

olej na płótnie, Ø 30 cm

GRASZKA PAULSKA - lives in Poland. Graszka's favorite technique is dry pastel. She participated in individual and group exhibition both in Poland and abroad. Since 2011, she is a member of Society for Art of Imagination. She paints mostly women, focuses on the ephemeral, the unseen, the hidden emotions and internal beauty. Her paintings are mesmerizing and reach deep into the unconscious.

My paintings are a kind of diary, record of emotions, dreams, memories which are very personal. In my works, I'm looking for the relationship between what is real and transcendental, metaphysical. Painting is my passion. It's a kind of a meditation, emotional and spiritual cleansing. It's the thing that lives deep inside me far beyond the consciousness, that I bring into the day light. In this way, I'm getting to know myself.
Exhibitions: 2011 – International Exhibition 'Yin-Yang' - Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia Moscow,  2011 - 11 National Review of Contemporary Art FORMA 2011 Rawicz, 2011 - International Exhibition - Art Show 'Geysers of Subconsciousness-7' Moscow, 2012 - International Exhibition The Society for Art of Imagination in Phantasten Museum Vienna, 2012 - International Exhibition Visionaries QCC Art Gallery New York, 2012 - International Exhibition - Art Show 'Geysers of Subconsciousness-8' Moscow, 2013 - Simboli e Archetipi - Teramo, 2013 - Art Show 'GEYSERS OF SUBCONSCIOUSNESS at The Red Oktober' Moscow, 2013 -2014- International Exhibition Magical Dreams II, 2014 - EXPO DREAMS & DIVINITIES SAN CRISTOBAL - Mexico, 2014 - International Exhibition Visionaries SEERS of the SOUL - Blue Door Art Gallery - USA, 2014 - International Exhibition IMAGINAIRE 7 The Magic Seven - Lindholm castle Denmark, 2014 - Za horyzontem zdarzeń - magiczna strefa surrealizmu Gallery Quantum Warsaw, 2015 - International Exhibition 'Phantastische Venus 2015' - Viechtach Germany, 2015-2016 - International Exhibition Magical Dreams III, 2017 - "Metamorphosis" Gdańsk , Magical Dreams IV,  2018 - "W poszukiwaniu piękna" Radom,  2019 Magical Dreams V,  2020 - "Percepcja koła" Gdańsk.