Pilarz Kazimierz

Persistence of memory

akryl na płótnie, 130,5x165,5

akryl na płótnie, 130,5x165,5 cm

KAZIMIERZ PILARZ was born in 1956 in Szczyrk (Poland). He is the artist with a rare private and social personality. In 1976 graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Bielsko-Biała, he decided that he can take care of his artistic development by himself. Pilarz says he's a painter from always and his artworkn is the way to explore the world. He remained independent artist, who is not expecting applause. On the contrary. Pilarz don’t exhibit his paintings in art galleries or museums. He is great connoisseur of classical music, with enigmatic and silent personality. He is a nagation of the celebration of the artistic avant-garde. Seems that Pilarz says: There is no need to talk? Just do your thing!
Kazimierz Pilarz has only one constant exposition: in the church of Saints Peter and Paul in Szczyrk where you can find his beautiful Way of the Cross. Must see it! The next exhibition will be Magical Dreams VI.