Sętowski Tomasz

Above all

oil on canvas, 40 x 25 cm

TOMASZ SĘTOWSKI the graduate of Jan Dlugosz Academy, has been painting for nearly 30 years already, which resulted in his masterful ability of the alternative worlds narration.
The monumental characters that came into being under his brush, with their dresses woven from cities, or these amazing dreamy chambers of unreal worlds, both conferred the artist devoted collectors around the world.
Since 2003 paintings by Tomek Sętowski triumph in the CFM Gallery salons, as well as in Inter Art Gallery (New York, USA) right next to the canvas of Salvadore Dali and Michael Parkes. In 2007 Sętowski started his several-year cycle of amazing shows and exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates in Burij Al Arab, Emirates Towers, Jumeirah Beach Hotel (among others). The Rolls Royce Brand Jury has appointed Sętowski an ambassador of one of their prestigious models, and Sir Richard Branson himself, together with Sebastian Vettel, highly admired the artist’s works during the Grand Prix Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi, as Prince concert and the presentation of the magical worlds of Sętowski were both tasty surprises for the guests and participants of the event.
Paintings by Tomek Sętowski adorn the walls at „Dreamscape”, the biggest European magical realism show in Amsterdam.
In December 2013, the chest of Sętowski was adorned by the „Gloria Artis” medal, the most honorable award admitted for outstanding art contribution by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.