Roosen Tim


steel, wrought iron, h. 105 cm

TIM ROOSEN: “Self-taugh artist, MAG and TIG welder, dreamer and illigitimate son of Hephaestos. Let Tim Roosen take you into his strange world of angels, warriors, demons and androids.”
After finishing the ‘Strange Fruit’ series, a collection of plant-like wrought iron metalsculptures, and building the largest artistic scale model of our solar system in the world - which consists of 11 monumental sculptures in 9 Belgian cities - he returns to what he likes doing most: figurative art.
He is currently working on his 'Asylum’-series, a collection of life-size heroic warrior women and twisted creatures made of a variety and combination of metals, such as mild steel, burnt copper, stainless steel, cast bronze and aluminium. Inspired by an overdose of Sci-Fi movies in his youth, tons of fantasy literature and more weird dreams than he cares for, these creatures have a definate dark, warrior-like feel. Metal, a cold and lifeless material, is cut, hammered, shaped and welded into organic, living creatures of dreams and nightmares.
On the lighter side, he has also created ‘Roboville’, a new series of geeky, colourful robots.
Tim Roosen has been an active member of the art world since 1997, and has participated in various group exhibitions, in Belgium, Holland, France, Luxemburg, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Poland, the UK and the USA, as well as a number of solo and duo shows. His works are in private collections in Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic and the USA.