Powałka Michał


oil on panel, 30 x 30

MICHAŁ POWAŁKA born in Czeladź in 1984. Professionally involved in painting for many years. Participant in many group and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

2009 achieve the university degree presenting a book serie written, edited and illustrated by the student himselves, titled “Opowiadania Niebiańskiego Zakonu” (Tales of the Heavenly Order) created under the supervision of the prof. Tomasz Jura (teacher for illustration and usefull drawing class) and a painting work attached “Siatka pomieszczeń” (Interiors web) under the supervision of the prof. Zb. Blukacz.

2004 - 2009 student by the Katowice’s Academy of Fine Arts, graphic department with illustration specialization.

2003-2004 Art and Design High School of Łódź (projecting and photography department).

Latest solo exhibitions and collectives - over.