Justyna Kisielewicz is a contemporary artist based in Miami, FL. Her paintings are aesthetically camp, cheeky, and lively with unexpected color combinations. She was dubbed the “pop culture obsessed, rebellious artist from Poland” and the “princess of pop culture” by Elle, an international fashion and lifestyle magazine.

Originally from Poland, Justyna’s formative memories are shrouded in a monochrome haze similar to the brutalist architecture associated with communist rule. As a personal escape from the visual monotony of her surroundings, the artist enjoyed creating extravagant imagery with pigments and paper. She embellished what she saw; color served as a protective barrier from the gloom of everyday life.

When Justyna was six years old, a political transformation allowed some Western Influences––most notably Disney cartoons and cable television––to legally enter the country that was once controlled by the Soviet Union. These newfound freedoms and cultural curiosities

influenced the artist’s ideas and trajectory of artistic style for years to come. Exotic flora, bright colors, excess and personified animals began to dominate the canvas when she moved to the US while still embracing traditional European motifs.

Several paintings by the artist are in the permanent collection of the National Museum in Gdansk, Poland. In 2018 Justyna was granted a Green Card for Individuals of Extraordinary Ability––also known as the Genius Visa––by the USA for being within the top 1% of her artistic field. She received a Master in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland with an emphasis in painting and textiles

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