Born on September 3, 1981, in Cuba, Carlos Sablón embarked on studies in art at the age of 19, ultimately earning a bachelor's degree plus five years of education in visual arts and a master's degree in education sciences. He also holds diplomas as a 20th-century art critic, Critique of Visual Arts from Cuba, a panorama of plastic arts from 1990-1995, and Challenges of Visual Arts in the Territory. As a painter, he worked for a gallery while simultaneously teaching at a university and an art school. He later expanded his horizons through international exhibitions. Since 2012, he has been residing in France, specifically in Châlons. There, he initiated an artistic creation residency and continued to exhibit both in France and internationally. His passions encompass all forms of art and Cuban culture, which he loves to introduce and share.


His talent quickly gained recognition across the archipelago, leading to various artistic projects in his homeland and beyond. His first stop as a globe-trotter was Colombia, where he participated in the International Biennial of Art in Bogota, followed by numerous exhibitions in neighboring venues. His travels also took him to Venezuela, Spain, Scotland, Germany, and England, as he continued to create for exhibitions and private collections. "Art is very important to me. It's a way to express oneself in multiple forms and to share one's interpretation of life. I blend styles, the work of both ancient and contemporary artists, drawing inspiration from literary and visual references. For example, the fantastic school of Dali, the mythological universe of anthropologist Carlos Castaneda, or the representatives of the Latin American Boom."

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