Dariusz Ślusarski was born in 1979 in Częstochowa, where he currently works. He graduated from the Jacek Malczewski Fine Arts High School, and then continued his education at the Jan Długosz Academy. For over 20 years, the artist has been engaged in painting, recognized in the art market as a representative of the surrealism - magical realism movement. Dariusz Ślusarski has had the privilege to exhibit his works in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London, and Krakow. The artist's paintings can be found in the most prominent galleries throughout Poland as well as in private collections both within the country and abroad. Ślusarski observes the world around him and, through his painting skills, reflects its reflection on the canvas. These paintings are not always fully understandable and clear, but they always contain the artist's distinctive message. He transports us to his own world filled with the symbolism of his feelings. His art is himself. The individuals portrayed by him rarely capture their superficiality; the artist tries to capture the emotions associated with each character, the fleeting moment of their feelings. He begins the creative process of a painting by constructing it, starting with a precise drawing. Through the painterly form, which under the influence of color begins to enrich the initial concept of the painting. Painting, as he says, gives him the greatest ease in expressing emotions and statements. It is his life's joy, which he has nurtured for 20 years.

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