Siegfried Zademack was born on December 24, 1952, in Bremen, Germany. An independent artist since 1980, his works have been showcased at prestigious exhibitions and artistic events in countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, and Morocco. He is a member of the renowned artistic group Libbellule Contemporary Renaissance, founded by Lukas Kandl. This group brings together an international array of outstanding painter-artists, and their pieces can be admired at thematic exhibitions worldwide.

Before he began painting, Siegfried Zademack had images in his mind that he couldn't bring to life due to lacking the necessary technique and craftsmanship. A brief stint at an academy convinced him that he couldn't learn what he truly desired there. Consequently, Zademack chose the challenging path of self-education. He visited museums and galleries to immerse himself in the techniques of the old masters. He sought various teachers from whom he gained knowledge about colors, pigments, glazing, color mixing, solvents, and blends—knowledge he continues to use in his studio to this day, much like the ancient alchemists.

Siegfried Zademack's surreal and visionary paintings astonish both viewers and critics. His artworks allow us to glide through metaphysical dimensions, oscillating between humorous irony and the unfathomable depths of our souls.

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