Born on May 7, 1977, Artur Szołdra is an accomplished artist who has been honing his craft for over 15 years. His skills were developed in the workshop of the regional sculptor Zbigniew Hławiczka. He primarily creates monumental sculptures and deep bas-reliefs, and also designs unique furniture and interior furnishings. His distinctive hallmark is expressive sculptures with a "fantasy" theme, often combined with wood, copper, steel, and stone.

Szołdra's art focuses on the relationship between humans and space, as well as the energy emanating from it. His works adorn squares, gardens, parks, and home interiors, and they stand out in exhibitions and outdoor artistic events both domestically and internationally. The artist often engages in spectacular shows involving the cutting of sculptures using a chainsaw, creating monumental compositions in a short period.

Szołdra is also the creator of the statuette presented to winners of the Grand Prix in the prestigious "Kryształy RP" competition. The majority of his works are in private collections, and a permanent exhibition of his pieces can be found at the "Ochorowiczówka" Museum of Magic Realism in Wisła.

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