Sylwester Chłodziński, born in 1965 in Częstochowa, is a sculptor whose artistic journey reflects his exceptional talent. He earned his journeyman's diploma in wood carving from the workshop of Master Artisan Stanisław Kijeński.

His artistic endeavors encompass wood, marble, steel, bronze, and ceramics. With extensive experience as a restorer, he undertook the restoration of significant sites, including the Sanctuary of the Franciscans in Kazimierz nad Wisłą. He also played a pivotal role in the creation of urban monuments, such as the sculpture of Jakub Boehme in Zgorzelec and the Monument to the Wielkopolska Uprising in Brzoza and Barcin. Particularly noteworthy is his contribution to the scenography of "Tajemnice Karkonoszy" in Karpacz.

He participated in artistic gatherings throughout Poland, creating the monumental "Duch Gór" head and the Napoleon monument in Pławna. He also took part in adorning the Castle of Silesian Legends. His influence transcends borders, as he has participated in international artistic events in the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, and Spain.

With an impressive portfolio, he has curated numerous solo and group exhibitions, showcasing his mastery of form and concept. His creative works have found their place in private collections both within Poland and abroad.

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