He was born in Warsaw. He painted his first oil painting at the age of 7, depicting a gray, melancholic street with houses featuring empty-eyed windows. He soon started receiving awards in art competitions. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in 1972, where the original character of his art was somewhat defined: classical figuration with the author's typical deformations of shapes and objects, along with a tendency to construct his own anatomical body framework. In his portfolio, the artist boasts numerous collective and solo exhibitions in galleries and museums across several continents. His artwork adorns many private collections. Włodzimierz Szpinger's art encompasses easel painting, drawing, printmaking, as well as watercolors and mixed techniques. During his travels, the artist studied classical Dutch and Italian painting, incorporating observed techniques into his oil works, techniques tried and tested by past masters in centuries gone by.

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