He hails from Warsaw, residing and creating in Petrykozy. He graduated from the European Academy of Arts, specializing in painting. He was a student of notable figures such as Antoni Fałat, Wiktor Zinn, and Franciszek Starowieyski. He is also an educator, developmental therapist, and art therapist (Ericksonian Institute), as well as a father of four children. His inspirations are drawn from nature, architecture, and multifaceted contrasts.

From an early age, he was captivated by comics. He illustrates fables and fairy tales, infusing them with a sense of magical realism and playful humor of varying degrees of intensity in expression. His work involves using acrylic on canvas and paper, watercolor, ink, oil, dry pastels, as well as digital art.

In his creations, one can discern a poetic and fairy-tale quality, with a vivid narrative evoking memories of childhood. Over the years, he has illustrated a dozen literary works.

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